Happy 1st Birthday, Cricket!

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Love, Peanut


Road trip!

May 10, 2009 by

Mommy & Daddy took Cricket and me on a road trip yesterday.  We went to somebody’s ‘Uncle John’ and his cider mill to an arts and craft show.  Mommy sure was excited!  Me and Cricket weren’t too happy at first, though, because they stuck us in the crate in the car.  Please… we just want to be free!  See how mean they are…


But it got better.  It was a cloudy day and look what we saw… a rainbow!  It’s kind of hard to see in the picture, but if you look hard right in the middle of it, maybe you can see it, too.


We’re almost there!  Here’s a sign for the place we went to…


We’re there!  Yippee!  Bark, bark, bark!



There was this neat barn, but we didn’t get to see the inside.  Mommy & Daddy said it’s because no doggies are allowed inside cuz there’s food – yummy food like donuts and apples and pie and stuff.  That made us want to go in even more!


The craft show was outside.  It was a little muddy cuz it rained the night before, but Mommy & Daddy said me and Cricket had to be good doggies and walk.  Cricket was a bad walker, though, so Mommy carried her around most of the time.  I think she was just being a diva!  Can boys be divas?  If they can, then next time we go on a road trip, I’m going to be a diva, too! 

I made a doodoo on the ground at this corner.  Daddy had to clean it up cuz he didn’t want all those people to step in it and make a mess.  What would be such a mess about a little bitty doodoo?  Do you see how muddy it is there already??


We walked around and around and looked at lots of things.  We sniffed so much I think our noses were all sniffed out for the whole day!  Mommy & Daddy bought some birthday presents for some people, but we are sworn to secrecy – we can’t let the cat out of the bag.  I don’t really know what that means or why we have to keep a cat in a bag.  I would rather let it out so we can chase it.  That’s really fun!

Mommy got so excited when we got to one of the booths.  They had neat doggie stuff and Daddy bought some for us.  They had yummy treats just for me and Cricket and a hang-y thing shaped like a bone that they got, too.  Daddy put it up on a wall when we got home and Mommy hung our leashes on it.  Do you like it?


Cricket got a pink bandana.  Mommy said that I already had two, so I wasn’t getting another one today.  Cricket’s is pink and has flowers on it and it has a place for her collar to go through to keep it on her neck.  We both like it.


I think the most fun all day long was all the attention that me and Cricket got.  Everyone loved us and wanted to pet us.  Cricket got squeezed tight by a cute little girl.  I didn’t think she was gonna let Cricket go, but Mommy made sure she did.  Whew… I don’t know what I’d do without my buddy, Cricket!  Everyone kept saying how soft my fur was.  It was a little scary having all those people pet me, but I liked it so much that I let them do it anyway.

We can’t wait for the next road trip.  Do you think Mommy & Daddy will make us ride in the crate again?  I hope not!

~ Peanut

To all the wonderful mothers…..

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Happy Mother's Day

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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~ Peanut & Cricket

Why, oh Why…

May 2, 2009 by

do they wake us up so early when all we want to do is sleep?


~ Peanut & Cricket